Gary Medvigy, Proven Leader. Endorsed by BIA, Clark County Deputy Sheriff Guild and Recommended by The Columbian

As a retired General Officer in the US Military, Deputy District Attorney, and Superior Court Judge, I bring over 33 years of leadership experience, an extensive background in Chief Executive Officer level military and inter-agency planning, innovative problem solving, and a life-long passion for public service to the Clark County Council.

I am presently serving the county as a County Councilor addressing our short and long term budgetary policy, legislative, and planning needs. I am already working hard and fighting for the best solutions to every issue brought before county government.

I am trying to right the wrongs that have plagued property owners for years as a result of previous inequitable results of growth management planning. We are working toward efficiently using every precious tax dollar and helping to keep us on budget, while protecting the rural character of our great county.

Small, efficient and effective government is what I strive for. Keeping the quality of life high, yet our costs of living low are the hallmarks of good governance. Public safety, and private property rights as well as state, federal, and constitutional individual rights must be zealously safeguarded and defended.

Recommended by 

“He is a thoughtful, engaged Councilor” -Sept. 30, 2020

“I have a broad breadth of experience working with a lot of different kinds of people,” Medvigy said. “And I would just tell you that I have the reputation of getting things done. I work to get things done in a collaborative way.”

“Property rights, responsible infrastructure and transportation is at the forefront of voter’s minds. I intend to promote and protect the voter’s desires when it comes to these important issues.”

“The Columbian Editorial Board recommends that Republican Gary Medvigy retain his seat as Clark County Council representative from District 4…He demonstrates a deep understanding of local issues” –Columbian October 8, 2019


On Covid-19 Crisis: “Clark county is not King, Pierce, or Snohomish County and it would be best to have the governor delegate some local authority to tailor orders based on local conditions. These decisions must necessarily nest within the state orders, but reflect how to best protect the health and well being of Clark county residents”

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