Why Clark County?

My wife’s family has roots in Washington State going back 5 generations and she attended law school at the University of Oregon.
Although my career took us all over the country, my wife Christine (Ping) and I have always wanted to return to the Pacific Northwest where her family originates from. 
Christine’s great, great, great grandfather was the Honorable Elisha Ping who in 1860 settled in Dayton, Washington Territory. One of the original pioneers, his first homestead is now part of the townsite of Dayton, which was then part of Walla Walla county as Columbia county had not yet been created.

It’s interesting to note that Mr. Ping served his county two terms as county commissioner, with his first term beginning in 1864. He was first elected to the legislature in 1867, again in 1871 and again in 1873. He was elected to the council in 1875 and also in 1877, and again to the assembly in 1883.

He was a member of the first Republican convention of Washington Territory.

I hope to continue the legacy of excellence in community service and government set forth by our ancestors.

I recently helped move my mother to Clark County, and all my children are also setting down roots here as well. We are here to stay and are proud to be a part of the community. I hope my lifelong experience can be a benefit to my friends, neighbors and constituents in Clark County.

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