I want to insure that all citizens of Clark County have confidence in my unbiased representation, in all matters—to achieve the greatest good for each and every person. As a former superior court judge, I am very sensitive to even the appearance of impropriety or potential for a conflict of interest.

The county has a pending lawsuit with our railroad operator that I would like to see come to a rapid and fair conclusion, but with the pending litigation I thought it best to return an unsolicited donation to my campaign that was received this week from Mr Temple.

I have continuing respect for the railroad and its operator, and I am humbled by his unsolicited support. So, I don’t want my return of a very appreciated and needed contribution to be misunderstood. I remain supportive of our railroad, commerce, industry and the creation of family wage jobs in our county.

While we don’t want to over industrialize some areas, such as residential Brush Prairie, there are good fits in existing industrial areas adjacent to our historic railroad that would benefit our railroad and provide additional jobs.

I am very mindful of the importance of the railroad to our Nation’s economic vitality, while also reducing carbon impacts by the efficient movement of freight off our roads and onto our tracks. I highlight an international study by a UCLA historian, William Summerhill, that concluded that it was the United State’s railroad that helped build our Nation’s economy, while other similarly situated nations languished.

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