After deciding to move back to Washington, where my wife’s family originates from, I was looking forward to retiring from public service after 33 years serving in the military, as a District Attorney and then Superior Court Judge. My plan was to complete my commercial pilot license, and continue in my philanthropic endeavors, most notably the Young Eagles Flying program and The Fallen Outdoors.

However, community service came knocking again and it felt like a good opportunity to use my experience to help out in my community. I am grateful to be nominated by the Clark County Republican party and unanimously voted in by the other council members. Here is a list of assignments I have been working on during my time on the Clark County Council:

2019 Council assignments

Board of Health
Board of Greater Clark Parks District
Children’s Justice Center (CJC)
Clark County Reserve Officer’s Relief and Pension Board
Elected Officials Breakfast
Elder Justice Executive Board
Emergency Medical Services Districts Board #1
Industrial Revenue Bond Board
Law and Justice
Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board
RTC – Regional Transportation Council
Reserve Officer’s Relief and Pension Board
Vancouver Library, capital facilities

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